Things to do in one of the most beautiful villages in Mexico.


60 Min.

Four wheeled motorcycle trip

Exciting and fun tour accompanied by guides that will take you to explore different routes and observe incredible landscapes. You will have the opportunity to know the ecological reserve of the Venadito (The Deers) s, where you can see them. You can also see the cave paintings of the area, and if you visit in the rainy season, you can visit the famous "Cascada de Los Venaditos" (Waterfall of the deer).


60 Min.

Horseback ride

Live the experience of being in direct contact with nature on a quiet horseback ride. This activity allows horses to be mounted safely in wonderful trails through the magical village of Tepoztlán.


60 Min.


Two descents with rope of 30 and 27 meters of height, accompanied of walk of 30 minutes to the canyon of the "hill of the treasure". Two hours of descent and 30 minutes to return. Along the route you will visit 3 viewpoints.


2 HRS.


Live the experience of touring the centre and Valley of Tepoztlán by bicycle, cobbled streets, architecture and historical sites. You'll have another perspective when you meet them on wheels.


2.5 hrs.


Departure by car from the center of Tepoztlán to the town of San Juan, you will make tours of the cave of the Cerro de la Luz, with the attractiveness of the ancient lava and stalactite routes. In the past this cave was used during the Mexican Revolution as a refuge.


3-4 Hrs.

Ascent to Pyramid of Tepozteco

Traditional route with ascent and descent to the pyramid of Tepozteco to reach the peak and appreciate the panoramic view that the archaeological area has towards the center of Tepoztlán.


3-4 Hrs.


Hike up the hills of San Juan through the large number of viewpoints with magnificent views of Tepoztlán and neighboring places (Tlayacapan, Cuernavaca, Ocotitlán, San Juan, San Andrés de La Cal, etc.) focused on recreational and family purposes.


6 – 7 HRS.


It consists of 6 descents with rope: 20 mts., 12 MTS., 30 MTS., 27 MTS. and 11 mts. The height of a walk of 1 hour to the canyon of Cerro de la Luz where you will start the descents with water, 4 hours of descents and 30 min. To get to to Casa Flor de Mayo.

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