Extensive catalog of therapeutic massages, all delivered to you by professionals with a genuine desire to provoke well-being and make your visit completely enjoyable.

Note: Please book in advance to schedule your spa service. Prices in Mexican pesos, includes taxes.



It is a very subtle massage with gentle techniques, for those people who want a hug to your body increasing the production of endorphins. It harmonizes vital energy and leads to internal peace.
-60 Min.


Therapy focused on a complete treatment of the whole body, combining massage techniques. Giving a complete healing, reduces stress, anxiety, physical and emotional blockages. The end is to balance the whole being renewing body, mind, emotions and soul.
-60 Min.


It decreases tension levels in affected areas, giving emphasis on neck, back, lumbar area, to recover its function and habitual mobility of the muscles.
-60 Min.

Feet Reflexology

Reflexology is a curative technique, working connective tissue to unlock the energy channels through the pressure on feet. In a generally relaxing way and can be an effective way to relieve stress as well as pains in different parts of the body. Getting health benefits.
-60 Min.

Hot Stones

This therapy combines traditional therapeutic massage with mild pressure, thermotherapy is used since ancient times to minimize contractures. Performing a treatment with an essential element of the Earth using an energy and temperature transmutator. With the sole aim of de-inflaming the muscles releasing stress in the body. Letting it flow and revitalize vital energy.
-60 Min.

Cervical Skull

This massage is ideal for neck, shoulder and head aches. It is very relaxing and beneficial for health. He has a technique of Ayurveda medicine. It is also indicated for people suffering from anxiety and insomnia. It activates the circulation in the scalp and acts favorably on the central nervous system.
-60 Min.

Deep massage (Deep Tissue)

It is a therapy with deep pressure, which allows to enter the soft layers of muscle tissue, giving a firm pressure. Eliminates muscle tension. You will feel energized and revitalized. Its toning, soothing affection favors blood circulation, lymphatic and eliminates toxins that helps the body to find its balance.
-60 Min.

Mayan Massage

Its main function is to eliminate muscular tension, detoxifying the body and releasing negative energy, turning it into light, giving peace of mind, body and spirit. This massage is done in a backpack, making a small ceremony with medicinal plants working with the elements of the Earth.
-80 Min.

Couples Massage

An experience based on the love and energetic balance of the couple, rediscovering love and duality. This massage is a stimulator of all senses. Doing a meditation and reconciliation of unbalanced emotions in the couple, ending with a central nervous system stimulator using feathers as a transistor.
-80 Min.

Herbal massage

It is a detoxifying treatment working with thermotherapy and medicinal plants. Helping to reduce inflammation in the muscles, giving healing benefits of plants on the skin. Giving a satisfaction of relaxation and health to the body.
-60 Min.


Delicate skin

It is a treatment based on calendula and chamomile used for its soothing and deinflammatory properties, the best ally for sensitive skins, reducing redness and dryness in the skin.
-60 Min.


Intensive hydration

It helps to re-establish water levels in the skin, has a regenerative effect, brings luminosity to the skin, attenuates the lines of expression and provides protection against external aggressions. Enjoy a soft, luminous, fresh and renewed skin. Suggested for skins with dryness problems. Cucumber
-60 Min.

Stressed skin

Facial provided for an experience of relaxation and comfort to the skin, in addition, deep cleansing with hydration and anti-aging care (lavender, aloe vera, collagen, nopal extract, Calendula.)
-60 Min.

Anti-Aging Treatment

The properties of vitamin E and C, in addition to the virtues of minerals, combat the damage caused by stress and pollution to perfection; Ideal for retaining aging.

Nourishing Facial

Improve the quality of your skin with this nutritious treatment, regenerates, calms and softens the epidermis, also gives us a feeling of relaxation and deep well-being. Suggested for dry or aged skins. (Bergamot, Nopal, hydrolyzed collagen.)
-60 Min.

Deep cleaning

Facial treatment designed to oxygenate, tone and moisturize the complexion, recommended for skin that suffers acne and excessive fat; Eliminates excess impurities with an astringent effect.
-50 Min.


Penetration of highly moisturizing assets that allow to recover and retain moisture improving the circulation in the face, recommended for dehydrated skins.
-50 Min.

Body Treatments

Copal Holistic Corporal Ritual

It is a spa experience of a combination of ingredients used by pre-Hispanic cultures to achieve the balance between inner being and body, carries body treatment, facial treatment and massage with herbal compresses.
-2Hrs 30 min.

Lavender Body Ritual

This is a unique experience that leads to total relaxation, using the benefits of lavender, with the aim of moisturizing renewing the skin. Combating any stress-related symptoms. Body treatment and relaxing massage.
-2 Hrs.

Ceremonial Temazcal

It is a traditional temazcal ceremony. Temazcal also known as “The House of Sweat” in Nahuatl is “the bath house”. Employed in the traditional medicine and daily life of the people of central Mexico, the Aztecs used the Temazcal bath not only for their personal cleanliness, but as a cure treatment to heal diseases, improving the respiratory system and muscle discomfort.

These baths, have been used by diverse indigenous cultures of Mesoamerica and North America for medicinal purposes of detoxification by sweating with herbal infusions.

The ceremonial temazcal is a pre-Hispanic bath of introspection where emotions are worked, in which unite the four elements that sustain the life; The fire, represented by the stones previously heated red-hot; The water, which is poured over the stones; The wind, emanating in the form of steam once it is poured over the stones; And the Earth, on which people sit. His guide to temazcal and ceremonies performs a thorough cleansing, which focuses on a personal work, where each person is purified by the vapors of the properties of medicinal plants helping to clear and free from emotions, also releasing toxins. per person.